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Our Ends Are Beginnings by ParadisiacPicture Our Ends Are Beginnings :iconparadisiacpicture:ParadisiacPicture 13,766 647 Against All ODDs by aapex Against All ODDs :iconaapex:aapex 772 50 Link Bae by Ry-Spirit Link Bae :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 5,045 195 island of starpom by pop-nebula-dreamer island of starpom :iconpop-nebula-dreamer:pop-nebula-dreamer 62 32
No Dinner Till I'm Pretty
What's it like being able to eat a meal
Without being screamed at that
That piece of bread you're eating is
Going to go straight to your thighs
And make you plus size
So let me just stop until I'm pretty
Let me stop dinner
Let me stop food in general
Because the only thing that matters
To me and this twisted monster in my head
Is if I'm pretty
And I'm only pretty when I'm skinny
People will only like you if you're skinny
People will only want to be your friend if you're pretty
Yet somehow I am still burning down my life
And dragging down the shell of myself with it
"You're obsessed with fitness"
No, I am terrified of becoming fat again
So let me workout four days in a row
While refusing to take in any form of carbs
Because we all know that carbs is the problem
Not my head
Or this monster that resides there
Convincing me that I'm a slob for treating myself
Telling me that I can't enjoy myself or my life
Because I haven't went down another dress size
I'm terrified
I'm terrified of this g
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 10 10
Hetalia Stories
This is just a note for my benefit more then yours to know what Hetalia story series, commission and my own, are still on-going. 
Queen of the Spanish Seas***FINISHED****
 - Royal! Reader x Pirate! Spain: You might have thought you were going to get what you wanted, that Spain was under your thumb... but you seem to have an odd knack for trouble...
Lady of Brandenburg
 - Arranged Bride! Reader x Knight! Germany: Your father has his plans but you have a husband willing to love you - could you really do what your father wanted?
Silent Warrior 2 - Silent Sentinel 
- Viking! Sweden x Celtic! Reader: You're abo
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 35 15
Mature content
Herr Mannelig Syndrome - NorwayxReaderxSweden :iconechosdusk:echosdusk 41 17
A Family Thing - Reader x Germany
A Family Thing
A Fluffy Germany x Reader (named Sally) Story
“So Sally what was your conclusion from the study?” You were jolted from your anxious dozing on the plane by the sudden question from one of your team from Berlin Zoo. Despite the fact you spent most of your day as a keeper with the Marine and Arctic/ Antarctic critters of the zoo, the opportunity to visit the Great Lakes and study an invasive species had been too suitable and too good of an opportunity to miss out on. It had been a three week study spent in wellington boots and waders in stinking coastal patches with rain and clipboards as you’d updated the data on the project to deal with the Zebra Mussels. 
It had been your third time out there with the study and the question being asked of you was a very important one considering what was happening to the native species competing against these Russian invaders… but your mind had not been into it. You had not been thinki
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 19 13
Rattlesnake - Outlaw!America x Reader - P1
A Tale of Outlaw!America x Reader
One: Outlaw Rumours
The west was not the haven your gold-obsessed father had wished it to be, at least no anymore. There was no pioneering in truth but cattle ranchers that owned towns and owned gangs that acted as policemen and the dreams of owning a homestead of your own was never true unless you lived with a lot of sheep, cattle or armed men. It was a place being bought by the wrong kind of people; the towns near the railway seemed the only safe place now so that was where you’d stayed.
Being an only child had come with one great piece of luck for you however, that was the simple factor that you’d been the one to inherit not only your father’s debts but whatever your rich grandparents in the east had passed onto you and your mother. Your mother was gone now from Scarlet Fever, but you were still about and the money had been used to pay your father’s debts and get a business of yo
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 71 17
Lone Wolf - Dog!Readerx2p!Feral Dog!Canada
Lone Wolf
A Dog Reader x Dog 2p!Canada Story
The cold air rattled your body and the bitter ice crystals upon the wind cut at your face; misery had replaced the previous hope of a return and you lay low in the snow.
It had been hours since the master had stepped out of the bar; he'd forgotten your need for warmth and concerned himself with his alcoholic desires alone. Most of the bars he chose to frequent were not unfriendly to your kind and it was easy to see with your soft golden and tan fur that you were a sweet thing, not willing to bark or bite. Normally too your master would not have just left you tied up to a post outside in the snowy weather; he'd have sat you back in the truck with a warm blanket! You did not know what was wrong with him tonight, only that it had something to do with an unwanted phone call and now you were the one suffering. With your body shaking and no friendly humans about to untie or comfort you, a sudden dread filled your body and y
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 19 14
At The Lady's Request - Royal!ReadxGuard!Netherlan
At the Lady’s Request
Royal!Reader x Guard! Netherlands
Rated: Sensation
The walls seemed bare and empty as the usual sound of merriment and chaos from the courtiers had faded into a dull memory. You strolled about the empty great halls in dismay and boredom as you realised for the first time that you were the only royal member of the family left in the winter castle… and all because of politics! It was not that you were in line for the throne or anywhere close, being the third daughter of the prince regent, but being the youngest and un-promised member of the royalty brought trouble. Every baron, lord and visiting diplomat had wanted to dance with you or try to court you with some ludicrous use of heraldry, heroics, poetry and stupid stories about their exploits in the east.
You couldn’t take any of them seriously! In fact most of the gentlemen that attempted to court you were heading into old age, related in some manner to your blood o
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 93 24
In the Eye of a Shutter NetherlandsxPhoto!Reader
In the Eye of a Shutter
A Photographer! Reader x Netherlands
You took one look and whistled a long and drawn out ‘beee-uuu-teee-ful’ as you looked upon the form of an Adonis in the classic ‘The Think’ pose. You couldn’t help but find your heart beating with a mix of lust and excitement that you assumed to be connected to how beautiful he looked through the eye of a shutter.
“I see what you mean ____ - you’ve really captured his intelligent side in this image… you’ve certainly got a gift!” Belgium chirped in delight as she viewed the photograph coming through the cable on it’s attachment to the computer. There had been so many other photographers given the job of capturing her big brother’s interesting sides but they had all failed miserably! Every one of them had caught his beauty sure enough or a different facet of his personality and yet no one had created something as beautiful as this.
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 87 22
Mature content
A Revealing Close-up - Nederlands x Reader Lemon :iconechosdusk:echosdusk 177 23


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